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how to consume sea moss

how to use our sea moss gels: ⬇️

tea or coffee ☕️

add to your tea or coffee without any effects on the taste, just reaping the benefits of the addition.

add to breakfast 🥞

from your morning porridge, to gronola or a protein shake, you can add our sea moss gels with no compromise on taste!

go raw! straight off the spoon ⚡️

the better alternative to a morning ginger or tumeric shot! our infused sea moss gels have all the benefits or a morning shot + all the benefits that sea moss brings, with that morning kick!

juices, smoothies, shakes + more!🥤

sea moss can be added to pretty much any food and drink where you can mix it in without compromising on taste.

skin application 🧴

using your hands or an applicator to aplpy sea moss to your skin.

sea moss has incredible skin benefits including anit-inflammatory properties, soothes skin condtiions and helps balance the skin microbome.

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