the Re-me-di misson.

Our founder, Oli, embarked on a mission to fulfill a purpose he felt was missing in his life: to positively impact as many lives as possible by providing the best natural wellness and nutritional products on the planet.

After experiencing a dramatic improvement in his quality of life, daily energy levels, and general health, Oli wanted to share his "Daily Stack" with others to make a powerful impact and improve the everyday lives of thousands of people in the UK.

our founders, 'why'.

Oli, our founder, had struggled with a number of bodily issues as a result of a toxic lifestyle, paired with a lack of essential vitamins and minerals. He was mineral deficient and after adapting his lifestyle and consuming whole foods, proven natural remedies and foods, Oli was able to heal deep rooted health issues.

He is now on a mission to raise awareness of how we can all incorporate natural food blends into a balanced diet to ensure our bodies can perform optimally, every day.