the supertropic blend ⚡️

Supertropic is a 100% natural, multi-functional superfood and nootropic blend that has been carefully designed to:

✅ create a sharper, more focused mind
 powerful immune system protection 
 a consistent and healthy gut
...and it tastes great.

"the ONLY daily all-in-one blend that tastes great and delivers results". Sacha B, Supertropic Subscriber 

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7500mg of superfood and nootropic power

a 100% natural all-in-one tasty blend

easy to consume hot or cold 

the supertropic blend is great if...

you want a sharper, more focused mind 🧠

improve your cognitive function, reduce mental stress and be productive for longer

you want caffeine free energy that lasts ALL day ☕️

no more spikes or dips, consistent energy and focus throughout the day. 

you want 100% natural, gut and immunity protection through greens & fruits 🥬

keeping your key organs protected, aids digestion, anti-inflammatory and keeps your gut consistent and healthy.

you cant find an an all-in-one bespoke blend that actually tastes great 🍫

a 100% natural and organic superfood and nootropic blend, made in the UK and tried and tested for years to make the perfect blend. 

Why Supertropic: 

contains 10 powerful supertropics

caffeine free and sugar free 

high quality, potent ingredients

100% natural sweetener

easy to consume and tastes great 

other all-in-one blends

so... whats in supertropic that makes it work?

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Supertropic is the staple for satisfying your daily micro-nutrition. One scoop a day for true, natural, power. 

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