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The Re-me-di Daily Stack

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The Daily Stack:

1 x The Supertropic blend (225g) - 30 servings (RRP £45.00)

2 x 100% Wildcrafted Sea Moss Gel (380ml) - 30 servings (RRP £33.90)

Subscription purchases include:

1 x Wireless Drinks Frother (RRP £12.00)

1 x Re-me-di Luxury Scoop (RRP £8.00)

TOTAL VALUE = £99.00 ⚡️


✅ Creates a sharper, more focused mind, with all day, consistent energy. 

✅ Provides key mirco-nutrients to give you powerful, daily, immunity support. 

✅ Promotes a healthy and consistent gut, managing the performance of the gut-brain axis. 

Supertropic is powerful. you will experience increased, consistent levels of energy and enhanced focus throughout the day. Supertropic will create a sharper, more focused mind, while providing the immune support your body needs. Also with a focus on the gut, Supertropic promotes a healthy and consistent gut and helps manage the gut-brain axis connection for body and mind alignment.

Not to mention Supertropic is caffeine free, sugar free, 100% natural and organic.

A Monthly Supply of Supertropic contains 30 servings, 7.5 grams per serving. 


the Supertropic Starter Kit


Sea Moss:

Our sea moss is sourced from the tropical shores of St.Lucia, where the sea moss is wildcrafted and harvested by a small agricultural team, farmed in protected waters. 

Sea moss contains 92 of the 102 minerals that our bodies need to function at an optimal level daily, making sea moss extremely nutrient dense, ranking as one of the most nutrient dense foods in the world. This consists of key nutrients such as iron, iodine, zinc, Vitamins A, B, C, D, E and K, magnesium, calcium and many more.

Serving Information:

Each jar holds approximately 15 tablespoon servings. 


When your sea moss gel arrives, ensure that you refrigerate straight away and always keep refrigerated. 

Before first use, please ensure your sea moss gel has been refrigerated for at least 2 hours. Consume sea moss before use by date indicated on the front of the jar, typically this is 4 weeks from delivery. 

Our sea moss can also be frozen for later use, please consume within 6 months from arrival when frozen. 


Please ensure you consult with a medical professional before incorporating remedies / supplements into your diet to ensure it is suitable for your current personal circumstances. Especially if you are taking prescribed medication, pregnant or have allergies. Nutritional benefits will vary from person to person, so it is important to consult a medical professional before incorporating. 

how to use

Supertropic: 1 x 7.5g serving per day, the luxury serving scoop is the perfect serving size. Mix with hot or cold water or milk, add to breakfast, protein shake or smoothie.

Sea Moss: 1 tablespoon a day, you can take off the spoon or add to any drink or food,

subscription info

Subscription purchases: 

the first subscription purchases will be delivered within 2-3 days of order placement. Following this, orders will be delivered every 30 days.

Customer Reviews

Based on 88 reviews

My daughter doesn’t like the sea moss but she loves the drink. We need to drop the sea moss but happy to keep the drink. I can’t seem to adapt the subscription so might have to cancel it.


Surprisingly, amazing, really good, just ordered some more. Got my order a bit wrong but as always they rectify everything for me. They’re spot-on brilliant and redo supply amazing health products thanks and all you do very very happy customer

Easy to Order

Easy to Order
Delivery was prompt and on time
Product was decent

Sea moss and supertropic blend are both amazing

I've been taking the sea moss for a few months now as I have the subscription. I put it in my morning coffee/tea every day as I just have the plain flavoured one and since starting I really do notice I have more energy and just feel better in myself overall (mentally feel healthier too). I am going to try the flavours next. You can put it in a smoothie too if you are unsure as that way you do not notice it at all

I've also recently purchased the supertropic blend and wow. Ican'tt tell you how much healthierI am feeling. I have more energy, my head feels clearer, I have less bloating.

I've tried lots of other health foods before but I have to say nothing has come close. I was skeptical at first but im so glad I decided to try both of these for myself as what a difference it has made to my life. Would definitely recommend to anyone that is on the fence. I've already been telling all my friends and family and people at work about this company haha :)

Alex Saunt
Very good product

Very good product, always on time with delivery and can feel the effects after two weeks.

ingredients with 'supertropic' powers

see full ingredients list and nutritional information by clicking the button below

Nutritional Information & Ingredients
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true, natural, power.

power your body with the best, dont settle for any less. this is about your health, every day.